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Www mtn dating menu co za

Www mtn dating menu co za

Police: How long can I keep my phone number? MTN Access4Life allows accounts to be kept as long as the user makes an out-going call once every three months note: SMS; beeping; or free calls do not extend account access. How do I retrieve my voicemail from another phone?

You can retrieve your voicemail messages from another cellular phone; by dialing and entering the last 6 digits of your cellular number followed by. You will be prompted for your voicemail password.

Once you have entered your password; you will be given the same options as if you dialed from a cell phone. You will be charged normal cellular rates for this method of voicemail retrieval Where can I get pre-paid airtime recharge cards?

MTN has a wide range of dealers countrywide where you can get airtime recharge cards. Find an MTN store near you!

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Airtime is valid for 90 days from the day it was loaded. It will expire at midnight of the due date.

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What value do the airtime cards come in? Dial for a personal greeting or for password change. How many messages can I have in my voicemail box and how long can each one be?

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A maximum of 30 voicemail messages can be in your mailbox at any given time each 60 seconds long. How long does an unheard voicemail message stay in my mailbox? It remains in the mailbox for 7 days and after that it will self delete.

Www mtn dating menu co za

What is my barring password? Default barring password is What is my voicemail password?

Www mtn dating menu co za

Default password is It is recommended that the subscriber change it by dialing I have just received my cell phone; what is my PIN number? Default PIN code is Change is recommended for security reasons.

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I have deleted my voicemail message; but the envelope is still on my screen? To delete the message you will need to go through the menu of your handset. This is specific to your make and model. Refer to your handset guide or contact our Customer Services on What do I do if my phone is blocked?

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Your phone becomes blocked if you have entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times.