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Dating site pof hide equipment

Dating site pof hide equipment

Admin 0 comments Scammers on dating sites can be a real dating. Unfortunately, a scammer can be found on any dating dating, in social networks, etc.

Page 1 of 1 Why and how would POF delete pictures that were stored and not visible or on a hidden profile of flowers or a pet? Many people have pictures of things they like and hobbies etc.

Dating site pof hide equipment

Then block further uploading of all pictures on a paid membership when the hobby pictures were replaced? It doesn't make sense, why aren't they focusing on inappropriate content instead flowers someone grew?

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In the main pic you are standing in a parking lot. In the second pic, it is with colorful farming equipment. Should there be other photographs in your profile that are visible? If it is any help, a pic of you WITH the flowers might reduce scrutiny.

Dating site pof hide equipment

I just did a username search and it came up. Also, your profile has been in, and even headed sometimes, both my basic search and my Ultra Match lists. A hidden profile is not supposed to show up on any of those searches.

I saw and opened your profile last week. I bookmarked it and have been back a few times to finish it since it is quite a read.

Initially I saw about five or six photos and only one had you in it and it was a photo of you in sunglasses standing in a field or parking lot and far from the camera. Not your current lead photo which is closer The others were of cars, tractors, flowers, a horse and other things where you are not in them. As the Mod pointed out, you must be in each photo.

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If the lead photo is compliant then there will be a reduced likelihood of the profile being scrutinized. Also, by posting here in the forums about being upset about your photos being deleted and still having a non-compliant lead photo you are likely to get many complaints reporting. If you do a thread search you will find countless posts about proper photos and photo datings site pof hide equipment.

Out of curiosity, I have started to check out the "rate images" section and have been absolutely shocked by what others have posted. In some cases, the photo is of someone much to young to be on a dating website but there is no category to define why that should be deleted. One picture showed a 2 men pointing a gun at a guy - that didn't seem appropriate either.

Let's not mention the number of men who have posted nude pictures. I can't say for sure why I was doing POF's work in cleaning up the site, after all, people have to eventually realize that it's the pictures they choose to post that will attract most of the "problems" they complain about on dating sites.

Rather a vicious circle, in some ways.

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